This brightly colored bracelet is made with yellow, pink, blue, and white glass and acrylic beads. The white beads have a metallic bright paint splatter design on them. I saw the splattered beads in the store one day and just knew that I had to make something with them. When I got home, I came up with this design. I’m working on other designs with these beads.

The bracelet’s size can be customized depending on your wrist size.

The bracelet would be fun to wear to school or on a date. It would also be a great gift for someone in your life.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Blue, Fuchsia, Multi-colored, Yellow

Wire Gauge

28 gauge


10.00", 6.00", 6.25", 6.50", 6.75", 7.00", 7.25", 7.50", 7.75", 8.00", 8.25", 8.50", 8.75", 9.00", 9.25", 9.50", 9.75"


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